WD 47


Factory  Andrew Barclay
Factory numbers  AB 362
Build  1942
Original number  WD 47
1944 WD number  WD 70047
Overseas use?  Yes, in France, Suez
Today ?  Stratfort on Avon & Broadway Railway Society ??? - Long Marston

Afther the War:

For the data, I use "Locomotives of the Ministry of Defence" by IRS / R.K. Hateley of 1992. You will find "Bicester" a lot of times in these list. Bicester was the main workshop for the WD-locomotives afther the War. It often happened that a loco went to Bicester for servicing and maintenance. It could also bee put in store there awaiting it next place to go to....

Pictures:  ((Update 13-07-2008 Look down!))

WD 47 as Army 201 in Long Marston depot in 1966 (Picture from "Railways to Victory", see "Books")

Pictures found on their website, that says it was numbered 201 and called "Mulberry" . It should bee in operational condition but the website was not updated afther 18 July 1999 and no response was given on my e-mails....


This loco is now at Long Marston, a military complex, normally NOT open to the public. I did recieve some pictures of the loco there:

Inside a shed.- Picture Simon Edwards

Outside on an Open Weekend - Picture Steve Dyks

Other side on the same event. - Picture  Steven Dyks