WD 45


Factory  Andrew Barclay
Factory numbers  AB 360
Build  1942
Original number  WD 45
1944 WD number  WD 70045
Overseas use?  Yes, in France, Belgium and Netherlands
Today ?  No, scrapped in 1962 in the Netherlands

This loco was shipped to France from Southampton to Cherbourg to help the Invasion Forces in France. Along the way it ended its service in the Netherlands when WW-2 was ended. It was than used by the NTM (Nederlandse Tramweg Maatschappij (Netherlands Tramway Company)) in the North of the Netherlands. It was later renumberd in NS 165 when the Dutch State Railways (NS) took over the lines of the NTM. It was used on the line from Steenwijk to Gorredijk for freight-trains.

When the NS didn't want to use the NS 161-165 anymore, they went to Zwolle workshops to bee stored. The petrol-company "Pakhuismeesteren" in the Rotterdam-area could use a loco to shunt the wagons. They bought the NS-165 in 1957 and it was renumberd in "801". Afther a short life, the loco was winded upon a low-loader on 20 March 1962, destination: scrap yard...

Thanks to Vopak for sending me their information about this locomotive.


Strange picture of the WD 70045 in use at Zwolle. Not even close to the NTM-lines were it went to later. Did the Dutch Railways use the loco before it went to the NTM or is this an inspection-run by the NTM ?

NS 165 with a train at Hoek Makkinga on 7 August 1956. Picture and copyright: N.J. van Wijck Juriaanse

Pakhuismeesteren 801 in use at the Pernis-factory west of Rotterdam. Copyright J.W. Sluiter

Move out of 801 from Pernis to scrap yard on 20-03-1962 Pictures from a newsletter from Pakhuismeesteren "Langszij" from March 1962 (Copyright pictures P.G.Onderdelinde)