WD 42


Factory  Andrew Barclay
Factory numbers  AB 357
Build  1942
Original number  WD 42
1944 WD number  WD 70042
Overseas use?  Yes: France
Today ?  Yes, at the "Royal Engineers Museum" at Chatham

This locomotive has crossed the Channel several times. First on a ship from Southampton to Cherbourgh (France) to be used by the Allied Forces. It went back to England in 1945 afther the War was over, again by ship. It was than used on Long Marston as a shunting locomotive.

It was later sold to the Royal Engineers museum of the Military Engineering in Chatham. At Long Marston, it received a overhaul. Then it was shipped to France once again to take part in the WW-50-years celebrations. It did run along a small track near Normandy. It was named "Overlord" to remember this event. It was than returned to the Museum in Chatham where it still is today.


During a visit on 6 oktober 2000 to the Museum in Chatham, these pictures were taken (all: Copyright K. Mooy)

Left side. Look at the bell. This was added to the loco on the 50th anniversary of D-Day in 2000 when the loco went to France

right side. Loco stand next to the parking space of the museum

Builders plate of the WD 42. The name "Overlord" was given at the 50th anniversary of D-day in 2000 in France.