WD 41:


Factory  Andrew Barclay
Factory numbers  AB 356
Build  1942
Original number  WD 41
1944 WD number  WD 70041
Overseas use?  Yes: France, Belgium, The Netherlands
Today ?  No, scrapped in Belgium in 1970's

Together with 10 other WD-locomotives of the same class, it was shipped to Cherbourgh, France a few days afther D-Day 1944. In use by the Invasion Forces, it was used in transporting materials, helping restore railways and so on. After the War it was found in the Netherlands. It was send to Friesland in the north of the country, to bee uses at the NTM-lines around Drachten. In 1949 the NTM sold all the locomotives to the Dutch State Railways, NS. They renumberd the locomotives, wich where still running with their WD-numbers, into NS 161-165. WD 70040 was known now as NS-164

In 1956 came more powerful locomotives availble and the NS 161-165 were withdrawn. Together with NS 162, the NS 164 was sold to the "Willem Sophia"-mines in Limburg in the south of the Netherlands and renumberd into "D-3". When the mines closed in 1970, the locomotive was sold again, and again with sister "D-2" (NS 162) to a scrap yard in Belgium. Not long after arrival the former WD 40 was scrapped to keep the "D-2" running.


WD 70041 is seen at the NTM-depot in Drachten.