WD 40:


Factory  Andrew Barclay
Factory numbers  AB 355
Build  1942
Original number  WD 40
1944 WD number  WD 70040
Overseas use?  Yes: France, Belgium, The Netherlands
Today ?  No, scrapped in the Netherlands in 1949

This one came, together with 10 others of the same class, on a boat to Cherbourgh, France to help the Invasion Forces afther D-Day 1944. Afther the War, it was found in the Netherlands and was send to the "Nederlandse Tram Maatschappij" NTM in Friesland. It was used there, still with its WD-number and together with WD 70029, 33, 41 and 45, on local freight trips. The locomotive was still here when the NTM sold the locomotives to the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) in 1949. After this sale the locomotives were renumberd in NS 161 -165 and the WD 70040 should therefore become NS 163. As the locomotive was scrapped in 1949, it is unknown if the locomotive did carry that number in service.


In Nijmegen, The Netherlands, shortly afther the end of WW-2