WD 39:


Factory  Andrew Barclay (on order by Vulcan Foundry Ltd)
Factory numbers  AB 354
Build  1942
Original number  WD 39
1944 WD number  WD 70039
Overseas use?  Yes: France
Today ?  Lavender Line, Isfield

This locomotive has a rich history. It was one of a group of 11 who where shipped to France to help the Invasion Forces. They where loaded on board a vessel in Southampton and unloaded in Cherbourg. It is not known if this loco did some service outside France.

There is much confusion about the identities and renumbering of WD 823 and 825. I use the "Locomotives of the Ministry of Defence"-book by IRS/ R.K. Hateley of 1992. You will find "Bicester" a lot of times in these list. Bicester was the main workshop for the WD-locomotives afther the War. It often happened that a loco went to Bicester for servicing and maintenance. It could also bee put in store there awaiting it next place to go to....

The locomotive is now be at the Lavender Line, based at Isfield.

Pictures: (Update 13-07-2008 Look down)

WD 39 somewhere (?) in 1942 (picture (C) NJvWJ)

This is WD 825 at Isfield inside the shed. Is is heavily rebuild. Only the frame and wheels are from a original loco. Even the engine has been changed. The people at the Lavender line are still working on this loco to get it back into operational use. Picture is taken by the webmaster during his visit on 16th July 2004.

NEW It is up and running!

Picture taken by the owner, Richard Hingley who says:: "" It was my 40th birthday on the 19th April 2008 and I was determined to get 825 running for an event, as you can see I made it but only by working 9 days solid and all weekends in April to get it ready, although there is still some bodywork to finish ""