WD 35:


Factory  Drewry Car (on order by Vulcan Foundry Ltd)
Factory numbers  DC 2162 and for Vulcan Foundry: 1193
Build  1941
Original number  WD 35
1944 WD number  WD 70034
Overseas use?  Yes: Suez
Today ?  ?????

There is some confusion about the identities of the WD 34 and WD 35 afther renumbering. They could have been wrongly renumberd or the data from the past is incorrect. It is a fact that the locomotive has been used through the "Middle East Forces" and that they renumberd it in MEF 41

What has become of this locomotive? There is no data known afther 1947..... Please send any information you might have to:   ns-162(a)isonsproject.nl  (Please change the (a) into @ Thanks!)