WD 33


Factory  Drewry Car (on order by Vulcan Foundry Ltd)
Factory numbers  DC 2160 and for Vulcan Foundry: 1191
Build  1941
Original number  WD 33
1944 WD number  WD 70033
Overseas use?  Yes: France, Belgium, the Netherlands
Today ?  Yes, under restoration to working order in the Netherlands !!

The loco where this website was created for!! This one was the second locomotive of its class to reach France afther D-Day. It came ashore at Utah-beach. It was used in France at restoration of the railways and for transporting men and materials. During the War, the loco came in use in Belgium and later in the Netherlands. There it was found at Nijmegen when the War ended in May 1045. It was than used at the NTM in the northern parts of the Netherlands, still under its WD 70033-number. When the Dutch Railways (NS) bought the NTM, it was renumberd in NS 162. The main use was local freight trips on old tramway-lines with low speeds. The trains where getting heavier as the rebuilding of the country spreads on and more powerful locomotives came in use. Therefore the NS-162 was withdrawn in 1956.

The locomotive was sold to a Dutch mining company in 1957, the "Willem-Sofia". The mine did some rebuilding to the loco (flat roof) and renumberd it to D-2. Together with D-3 (the former NS-165 or WD 41) it was used at the mines until 1971. Than the Belgium company "Frans vanderBossche" bought the 2 for use at a scrap yard. It dismantled the D-3 and used the parts to keep the D-2 running. Afther some time, the D-2 was withdrawn and was put on a small track as a monument. The Dutch organization "STIBANS" bought the locomotive in 1996 and moved it to Amsterdam on 28 november 1996. The restoration could begin!!  (The full report on the restoration is on the Dutch part of this website)


NS-162 pulls a freight at Boyl at 9 november 1956