WD 32


Factory  Drewry Car (on order by Vulcan Foundry Ltd)
Factory numbers  DC 2159 and for Vulcan Foundry: 1190
Build  1941
Original number  WD 32
1944 WD number  WD 70032
Overseas use?  Yes: France, Suez
Today ?  No, scrapped 1986 in England

This loco was also shipped to France afther D-day and went ashore on "Juno-beach".

In 1951 the loco received a new number: WD 822, when it was back in England. In 1952 it was shipped out again, this time to the Suez (No more information. Can you help ??) When it came back us unknown, but from March 1955 until June 1956 it was in use at the Bicester Workshops. On July 3rd, it was moved to an other Army Department depot in Thatcham, Berks. Maybee for servicing it was back to Bicester between 31 May 1967 and 18 April 1968 but the loco came back to Thatcham. There it was renumberd again; this time in ARMY 125. The loco was withdrawn in Thatcham in 19??

At 15 January 1079 it was sold to RESCO Ltd. at Woolwich, London. And later it was sold to British Industrial Sand Ltd. at Redhill, Surrey. The locomotive was scrapped in 1986 at Redhill.

WD 32 arriving at Juno-beach in France at 14 June 1944 (Picture on front cover of "Railways to Victory" (see "Books"))

WD 32 + 33 trying a repaired bridge near Caen, France in August 1944 (Picture form "Railways to Victory")