WD 31


Factory  Drewry Car (on order by Vulcan Foundry Ltd)
Factory numbers  DC 2158 and for Vulcan Foundry: 1189
Build  1941
Original number  WD 31
1944 WD number  WD 70031
Overseas use?  Yes: France and West Germany
Today ?  In the Netherlands, used for spares to get WD 33 back to working order

One of the locos who where shipped to France for use there. The loco came ashore in the harbour of Cherbourgh.

Afther WW-II the loco was returned to England and renumberd 821. It was found in .....  at.......:

The loco is at Bitton, near Bristol. The Society changed his name (?) into "Avon Valley Railway" in 19??. The loco is not in operatial condition. Look at the links-page for their website.

UPDATE 25 november 2005: This loco has left Bitton for Holland! Please look at "Latest News"!!


For the restoration of NS-162, the engine went to the Avon Valley Railway for a complete overhaul. When finished, it has to been tried out and what better way of doing that is to build it into another WD-loco? Here are some pictures of WD 70031 with the engine of WD 70033 build in:

(Bitton; 2003. Pictures taken by John Payne)

The same engine, afther the cab was removed. It is done to get some parts out of the engine before it will go to the Netherlands The "Dutch" engine is visible inside. (Bitton; 17th July 2004. Copyright R v/d Hoven)