WD 29


Factory  Drewry Car (on order by Vulcan Foundry Ltd)
Factory numbers  DC 2156 and for Vulcan Foundry: 1187
Build  1941
Original number  WD 29
1944 WD number  WD 70029
Overseas use?  Yes: France, Belgium, Netherlands
Today ?  Scrapped 1951 (Netherlands)

In 1944 this loco was shipped from Southampton to France, where it came ashore on "Juno Beach". Only WD 29, 30 32 and 33 came into France across a beach. The others used in France (WD 31 and 39 - 48) where unloaded in Cherbourg.

The WD 29 was in fact the very first one to reach France and came ashore on 14 June 1944. It was also the first Allied loco to ride on France rails afther D-Day. Afther use in France and Belgium, the loco was in the Netherlands when the WW-II ended there in may 1945.

In the Netherlands, the WSM (Westlandse Stoomtrein Maatschappij, with lines from Delft) tried the loco for use on their lines. They didn't like the loco, so no further use there. The NTM (Nederlandse Tramweg Maatschappij, with lines in the North of the Netherlands) did like the loco and, together with WD 33, 40, 41 and 46 it went to the NTM. The loco was used with his WD-number. Afther the sale of some parts of the NTM to the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) who took over the lines, the loco got the number NS 161. Afther just 4 years in service in the Netherlands, it was withdrawn in 1951. Scrapping details are yet unknown, but scrapping should also bee in 1951.