(The webmaster stands along WD 70048 at the Rhusden Society on 18th July 2004. Picture: Copyright M. Raaphorst)


On this website I would like to share the information I have about the past and present of the English War Department diesellocomotives. For now, only the WD numbers 29-48 will appear on this site. The main reason for this website, is that I, together with some friends, are restoring a locomotive, the WD 33, in the Netherlands.

Look at the menu on the left. If there is info about a locomotive, you can click on the number. I do miss lots of details about the use in the Middle East Forces (MEF) and the use in Germany. Also the use of these locomotives in England after the War. Anyone who has more information, please send an email to my adress. Together we can fill in the gaps!! Thanks very much !!

In the near future also info about the second group of locomotives of this class with numbers WD 72220-72236 or WD 829-845. Do you have information I could use? Mail me!

Latest updates on locomotives are marked with a * next to the number.

Contact me at:  ns-162(a)isonsproject.nl  (change the (a) in @ please!!)

Greetings, Raymond v/d Hoven, The Netherlands

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