25 November 2005: WD 70031 arrives in Holland

On 25 November 2005, the WD 70031 arrived in the Netherlands. Despite heavy snowfall, blizzard winds and traffic jams for miles, John Antell drove his truck with WD 70031 to Blerick in the south-east of the Netherlands. The loco is bought by the "Werkgroep NS-162". They are restoring former WD 33 or Dutch Railways NS-162 to its former glory. The engine of the WD 33 has been sent to the "Avon Valley Railway" at Bitton near Bristol for repairs. Afther overhaul the engine was placed inside the WD 70031 to test it. To get the engine back to the Netherlands, it was decided that it would stay inside the 31. The "Avon Valley Railway" then removed parts from the 31 to get their own WD 43 back to working order in the near future

The Dutch "Werkgroep NS-162" has now the remains of 3 former War Department diesellocos in the Netherlands. Afther they took the WD 33 from Belgium to Holland; they also bought the remains of WD 34 from the "Quainton Railways" for spares. The WD 33 is the only one wich will be restored as a full working loco. The others will be used for spares. The "Werkgroep" hopes to have a working WD 33 as NS-162 at the end of 2006.

More information (in Dutch) on the restauration-pages of this website, found here.

"WD 70031" meets "WD 70034" afther arrival in Blerick, Netherlands

The cab of the WD 70031 has been seperated from the frame to get other parts removed earlier

"Touch down" of WD 70031 on Dutch grounds. Thanks to P.H. Antell & Sons Ltd. for their help!!

The WD 70031 "Grumpy" is parked inside the shed at Blerick. It will be dismanteld here for parts

Also the cab of WD 70031 is unloaded and stored inside the shed.

The shed at Blerick is NOT open for public!!!!! Do NOT try to enter this location!!

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